Taking a Break from Gun-Control Debate to Write about how I’ve Been a Terrible Submitter.

This being the season of Lent, I will make a confession and a commitment to be a better person.

Confession:  I have submitted stories–lots and lots of stories–without reading the Litmag I sent them too.  Yes, I know it’s wrong.  It was during grad school, I was under a lot of stress.  But you were always on my mind, Litmags. 

Commitment to being a better person:  I will read and read and read until I do have an inkling of your personalities, you wonderful Litmags, because you are single-handedly preserving the venues that my art depends on.  You are spreading the frozen-heart-shattering work that enriches my world and the world of so many readers.  I have been amazed by the kindness of the editors who have accepted my stories, and my twitter feed feels a little more friendly for having them in it. 

So thanks for doing what you do, putting up fresh, bold stories and poems. 

And pay no attention to the ash cross on my forehead; it’s made from last year’s rejection letters, and serves to humble me. 

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