Moving on from the MFA

I am surrounded by boxes in my house in Columbia.  My wife and I are moving away from this weird little city now that I have completed my MFA at the University of South Carolina.  Both of us have had several swan songs, partying one last time with the wonderful writing community here and all of our friends.  I will dearly miss them, but we have promised to keep in touch.  I fully intend to bring letter writing back in this pursuit.

My collection, Songs on the Water, is complete and in the hands of an agent who is considering it.  Meanwhile my fingers remained crossed and my Duotrope submissions tracker remains full.  While waiting, I have the old Royal typewriter out for work on my novel, Hammer Lane.  An early excerpt from it appeared in Armchair/Shotgun, and the car chases have only increased.  To a point, anyway.  Writing during a move is frustrating and tedious, but the Royal is a portable, and it makes for a nice centering in the midst of chaos.


In other typewriter news, I may get my great-grandfather’s desk model soon, all 50 pounds of it!


Y’all take it easy, and let’s all try to post more on Goodreads than we do anywhere else.  


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